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A Unique Opportunity for deep spiritual healing and guidance

 Shamanic Healing is an ancient traditional method of healing that has been practiced throughout the world. It works to heal the underlying, spiritual cause of emotional and physical dis-ease. When people feel not quite "whole" or experience sadness or other negative emotions frequently for no apparent reason a shamanic healing can help. A Shamanic "power retrieval" can be helpful for those struggling with unhealthy habits and addictions, or even those that just feel victimized or "ineffective".  Or if life is chaotic, or a person feels "unlucky" or has suffered trauma, abuse, shock, major accidents or a loss a shamanic "soul retrieval" can help restore that person. 

Shamanic healing has been life changing for me. It is a spiritual practice for me, and I am honored to work with spirit. Over the past ten years I have done numerous shamanic journeys/ healings for people and the results have been profound. Shamanic work creates powerful changes for people, and often starts them on a path of tremendous growth and healing. In addition I teach ongoing courses on Shamanic Healing for those feeling an inclination towards this work. I invite you to transcend the ordinary and begin your journey to wholeness.

Not sure if this is for you? Please call, I am happy to answer any questions and discuss your particular situation. Sessions run about two hours. $225

(no one is turned away for inability to pay- please contact me if you need a sliding fee)


Shamanic Consultation and Divination 

Intuitive Coaching
and Guidance Sessions

Need spiritual guidance? Start here...Discussion of issues, and consulting of spiritual guides and highest self to determine best path forward.

45 mins $100 in person or via Zoom

Sessions with Anne incorporate Intuitive and Spiritual Guidance and each session will be customized to your individual needs, goals, and intentions.
50 min session via Zoom or in person: $100

Spiritual Transformation Package

Shamanic Healing Session with 5 follow up intuitive, spiritual coaching and support sessions to overcome barriers, transcend limitations, heal deeply and and launch you to a higher vibration exixtance. (sessions must be used within a six month period). You will also be give priority scheduling for other healing modalities. $700

Spiritual Cleanse and Aura Purification

 This traditional healing method uses sacred copal smoke, herbs specifically prepared for you, and an ancient technique using an egg to absorb negative energies. The ceremony closes with a divination. This is a safe, peaceful, relaxing way to purify the spirit, cleanse the aura, remove negative energies and intrusions, and determine if more healing is needed.  Particularly helpful to those suffering from illness, bad luck, injuries, intrusive thoughts, anxiety and depression. However this beautiful ceremony is beneficial for all. Please contact Anne directly at 618-523-2300 to schedule.

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