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Massage Therapy

Please note, at this time Anne is no longer taking new Swedish or  Deep Tissue Massage clients. However our new Licensed Massage Therapist Meredith Rader is now accepting new clients!  Online booking for Swedish or Deep Tissue Massages is available with her at a special introductory rate.  Current clients of Anne must book directlty with her via text/ or phone.New clients are welcome to schedule specialty massages, Cranial Sacral Sessions and Intuitive Healing Sessions with Anne which may be booked online or via phone/text. 

Relaxing Massage

Healing Traditions offers a unique variety of massage and healing sessions. Your therapist, Anne Discepolo is an Illinois Licensed Massage Therapist with over 15 years of experience.

 Just the Basics:

Swedish Massage:

For stress relief and deep relaxation. Light pressure with natural aromatherapy oils. This feel-good massage will soothe away all mental and physical tension. 

60 Minutes with Anne for $85

60 Minutes with Meredith $75

90 Minutes for $110

Deep Tissue Massage: 

For pain relief and deep relaxation.                             This massage will relieve aching "knots" in the muscles, and help eliminate back, shoulder, hip or leg pain. Session may include trigger point therapy and myofascial release to relieve severe pain. 

60 Minutes for $85

90 Minutes for $110

SMRT Massage with Meredith

SMRT is a therapeutic modality  of Somatic Muscle Release Technique.  This style of massage moves the body into the direction of its existing pattern to elicit an unwinding response in the tissue and activating the nervous system. It is so relaxing! These moves work wonderfully in between Swedish or Deep tissue strokes to offer a lovely mix of flow and pain relief/ prevention! She also uses some Lymph drainage, and Cranio-Sacral techniques. 

Special Introdutory price of $75

Something Special...


The Makanda Massage:

This unique massage experience incorporates the spirit of Makanda. 
Makanda is known for its fun, hippie, spiritual, and new age vibe. With that in mind I have created this unique and healing massage experience. Session will begin with a cup of herbal tea and a chat about what you would like to get out of your session. You can then draw several Oracle Cards to uncover a guiding energy or theme for your session, or a spiritual message for you. The massage will begin with a healing foot treatment, using an all natural herbal foot balm and hot towels to soothe and smooth your hippie sandal wearing- feet. Your chakras can be assessed and balanced, and you will then be massaged with full spectrum Cannabis infused massage oil optionally scented with Patchouli and Tangerine. You are now completely relaxed! We will finish session with Crystal Singing Bowl Aura Cleanse. Session includes a special, locally sourced, surprise gift.  

1 Hour 30 Minutes $145

Head Massage

Bio Dynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy

Healing Traditions Signature Massage:

A unique healing massage that may include the following: Swedish and/ or Deep Tissue work, customized aromatherapy oils and/or CBD oil, healing energy work, warm towels, hot stones, and crystal bowl vibrational healing OR Tuning Fork Vibrational Healing. Cranial Sacral work is often incorporated. This is not your typical massage, but an integrate healing experience!

1 Hour 30 Minutes $150 

(with Anne or Meredith) 

 A gentle yet profound healing treatment to relax, re-balance and restore. Based on Osteopathic principles, cranial sacral therapy heals using gentle contact at key points that effect your nervous system. Therapy works with the cerebral spinal fluid and the bones of the skull, spine and sacrum but effects the complete physical body. Healing takes place on many levels during treatment. An excellent treatment for anxiety/stress disorders, headaches, migraines, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, tinnitus, sinus problems etc. Also beneficial to those that have suffered trauma. Cranio Sacral therapy is also enjoyed by those just needing to "unplug" and relax deeply. Client remains fully dressed during treatment and is comfortably reclined on the massage table. Treatment is gentle and pain free.

60 Minutes for $85

Five Session Package for $350 (save $75)

Hot Stones Massage

Sacred Stones:

Hot Stone Massage combined with Deep Tissue work to relieve tension. Smooth Warm River Stones are placed on the body and used to massage tight muscles. This technique helps the body relax and detoxify. Session concludes with a special crystal energy healing. A special treat available in winter months only.

90 Minutes $130

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