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 In response to public health concerns the studio will be closed 3/17- 4/1 

Online classes coming soon!

All upcoming workshops will be rescheduled to later dates. Stay home, stay well!

Upcoming Workshops:

P.Y.M Yoga: Pranayama- Yin Yoga-Meditation


Friday, March 6th

Ready to go deeper into your yoga practice? Powerful Pranayama (breathing techniques) will be combined with Yin Yoga Postures (long deep stretches) and class will be completed with an extended meditation. This class will be a deeply relaxing, inward focused, mindful, experience. Beneficial for all levels. Helpful for those dealing with stress, muscle tightness, anxiety, or those that would like to explore meditation practices. Experienced yoga practitioners will also benefit by finding awareness of the subtle energies of the body and breathe, and deepening mediation practices. First Friday of each month...

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Equinox Restorative Yoga/ Crystal Bowls: The Spring Equinox is a time of awakening...


Friday, March 20th

The Spring Equinox is an ideal time to once again awaken to our true selves, find inspiration, and deepen our spiritual connection. Take some time this equinox to go within, relax deeply, connect with your inner guidance and hit your "reset" button. A gentle Restorative Yoga practice followed by the Healing vibrations of the Crystal Bowls will create space for you to re-center, heal, and awaken to your higher self! No yoga experience needed.

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