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This unique massage experience incorporates the spirit of Makanda. 
Makanda is known for its fun, hippie, spiritual, and new age vibe. With that in mind I have created this unique and healing massage experience.
Session will begin with a cup of herbal tea and a chat about what you would like to get out of your session. You can then draw an Oracle Card from the deck of your choice, in this way we uncover a guiding energy or theme for your session, or a spiritual message for you. The massage will begin with a healing foot treatment, using an all natural herbal foot balm and hot towels to soothe and smooth your hippie sandal wearing- feet. Your chakras can be assessed and balanced, and you will then be massaged with full spectrum Cannabis infused massage oil optionally scented with Patchouili and Tangerine. You are now completely relaxed! We will finish session with Crystal Singing Bowl Aura Cleanse. Session includes a special, locally sourced, surprise gift. 



Makanda Massage

  • After purchasing, contact Anne via phone or email to schedule an appointment: 




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